About Us

About Us

We are a group of friends who have always loved making art. For years, we've been working as freelance artists for various clients including indie and game companies, doing digital work making pixel art, vector designs, animations and designing games. We finally decided to try selling and turning our art into actual products and while it has been a learning process it is also indeed a very fulfilling experience.

Our illustrations are drawn out of love and passion and are created in-house as majority of our products are crafted by hand. We hope you enjoy our work while we continue to learn and improve.

Below is a list of our store in other platforms. The link below are for our international customers. 

Main Store: http://www.timelaxminicreations.com

​Social Media

Facebook: http://facebook.com/timelaxminicreations
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/timelaxminicreations
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/timelaxstudio
Twitter: http://twitter.com/timelaxcreation

Enciel - Portfolio
Manages the website. Artist and game designer. I enjoy creating artwork and making flash games. In charge of making the button pins, miniatures, shipping and marketing.

Erlyn - Portfolio
Creates pixel art. Cuts stickers, creates our journals, bookmarks including all sewn items, packs order and manages the website as well.

Eniale - Portfolio
Multimedia artist and flash animator.

We also make games on our spare time. You can visit and play our games here: Timelax Studio Games